What works?



RIL (Calls, SMS, Mobile Data)

Sensors (Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity, etc.)


Video (playback & recording)

Audio (playback & recording)


Everything else not listed under "known issues"


Make a backup!

If you were on CM 10.1 or a stock ROM prior to 4.2, upgrade to stock 4.2 first.

Install ClockworkMod recovery with SELinux support. Older CWM will result in a "status 7" error.

Reboot into recovery

If you are using a recovery which mounts /system on boot, unmount it before installing

Wipe data if coming from stock or other ROMs (You may get a "status 7" error if you fail to wipe.)

Install the ROM

Optionally install the Google Apps Addon (In Marshmallow, you MUST flash gapps before booting into the system for the first time or else the proper permissions will not be granted resulting in Setup Wizard crash. If you experience the crash, you will need to do a factory reset.)

To upgrade to a newer build, simply flash the zip. There's no need for data wipe or flashing Google Apps again. (However, if you are experiencing strange issues, you may want to try a wipe.)


20160116: Initial alpha release

2016-04-20: Fixed 2g and 3g switching

Fixed portable storage 

Fixed video recording 

Fixed 1080p video playback in mx player 

Selinux is in enforcing mode

Fixed root explorer force close

Fixed root mode in cm file manager 


CyanogenMod team @pawitp – for patches @haky 86 for some help  @ [MENTION=5999439]GHsR for updated device tree

Thanks Weritos port lenovo a706

Source: LENOVO


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